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Garden summerhouse

This customer built a log cabin in their garden and added a 75″ screen TV, reclining sofa and mini bar. They wanted full use all year round so they decided to add a Gree 2.5kw heating system. In summer they can set the temperature to keep cool & in winter ramp the heat up to stay cosy.

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Givenergy upgrade

The customer wanted an upgraded solar inverter, more panels and storage batteries on their out buildings.

We provided Givenergy 5kw inverter & 2  x 9.5kw batteries

Air Con in the summerhouse

This customer required some air conditioning in their outdoor summer house. The team installed a Gree 2.5kw unit which can be used in summer to keep cool and in winter to stay cosy.

Added battery storage

This customer already had solar and required an added battery to store more energy. The team installed a 9.5kw Givenergy battery which will give huge storage

The swimming pool

The Team carried out electrical work for a house renovation including swimming pool and sauna

Hedgehill University

The team carried out a commercial project at the university, installing kitchen & dining hall re-fit, new lighting

1st Approved Givenergy installation

We installed our first Givenergy inverter and battery at this property after recently becoming Certified Approved installers for the company.

The customers were very pleased…

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Solar on bungalow

The team carried out some recent work at a bungalow for a lady who wanted solar panels on her roof with a 5kw storage battery

  • 16 panels
  • 5kw Sunsynk storage battery
  • 3.6kw Sunsynk hybrid inverter
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Air Con in the bedroom

This was an air conditioning unit insatllation for a couple who wanted cool air for a good nights sleep in the summer. The units are sleek and slim and fit neatly almost anywhere.

Solar on another bungalow

The team carried out some recent work at a bungalow for a customer who wanted solar panels on an east facing roof with a 5kw storage battery

  • 17 panels
  • 5kw Sunsynk storage battery
  • 3.6kw Sunsynk hybrid inverter
Air-con at The White Swan Pub

The team installed air conditioning units at a bar restaurant for a customer who needed cool air for workers and diners.

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Solar Retro fit battery & inverter

The team carried out some recent work for a customer who wanted to update their current solar PV system by replacing the old inverter & adding a storage battery

Warehouse & Deport Works

The team carried out some recent work at a warehouse / depot:

  • Lighting in warehouse
  • Barriers at depot
  • Steps re edged
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Concrete works on fencing job

Concrete works on a recent fencing job.

Automated Gates

Automated Gates

Wall mounted AC unit

Wall mounted AC unit

Mushroom vents on supermarket roof

New mushroom vents on supermarket roof.

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Supermarket Flooring & Security Tags

Recent project that involved new flooring at supermarket store and security tags.

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Hotel Air Handling System

A recent Air Handling System installation at a hotel.

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Solar PV System

A recent Solar PV System installation.

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Cold Room Lighting

A recent lighting installation in a cold room.

Hotel Kitchen

Air conditioning installation to a hotel kitchen.

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BMS installation for TK Maxx

A recent building management system (BMS) installation for TK Maxx.

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Retail Store - Fault finding

Some recent Fault finding work carried out at a retail store.

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Watford School

Automated Electronic Gates and Barrier Installation.

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Retail Store Fit Out

Bakery fit out & extra storage.

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Thurnscoe One Stop

Lighting repairs at the One Stop in Thurnscoe.

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Retail Store Carlisle

Security door instillation for improved customer & staff safety.

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Security Doors - Retail Superstore

Security doors fitted and repairs to Maglock system.

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