Air Conditioning

We provide a full commissioning service from supply, install, repairs and aftercare / maintenance of air conditioning for many different industries:

  • Home and Garden
  • Retailers & Supermarkets
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Office spaces
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Hospitals, GPs & Dentists
  • Restaurants, pubs, bars
  • Hotels & hospitality
  • Other buildings

Here’s a few frequently asked questions:

How does air conditioning work?

It works in principle by removing unwanted heat from one area and replacing it with chilled dry air. A chemical refrigerant in the system absorbs the heat and carries it to the outside where it is expelled as hot air. 


Can i heat my house using air conditioning?

Yes, you can. All the air conditioning units we sell come with the ability to heat, as well as cool.


How do i choose which air conditioner to buy?

We will advise you the recommended air conditioning units based on your answers you gave us .The size of the unit you need is dependent mainly on the size of the room, though there are some other considerations like how much sunlight the room gets.


What does kW mean?

It means kilowatt. This is the unit of measurement air conditioning units are sized by. The higher the kW, the higher the cooling and heating power it has, meaning usually higher kWs is needed for bigger, warmer rooms.


What do i get when i buy air conditioning?

You will receive your indoor unit, outdoor unit, and a remote as standard, and then any extra bits you need depending on what you answered while using our online questionnaire, such as a specialist wall bracket etc.


Is installation included in the price?

Yes, all of our fixed price air conditioning packages include installation.


How long will it take to install my air conditioner?

Your installation should take no longer than 1 day. If there are unforeseen complications, the installation may take longer.


Where can i have the outdoor unit fitted?

You can have the outdoor unit fitted anywhere on your property, as long as the location meets the following criteria:

  • There is at least 1 metre clearance around the where the unit will be, e.g. no other walls, fences etc
  • You have the freeholders permission to have the unit placed there

Also, if you have vegetation within a metre of the outdoor unit, the heat from the unit may cause the vegetation to die off.

We suggest having your outdoor unit floor mounted, on the same wall as where the indoor unit is, if possible.




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